The Ysleta Independent School District is investigating why 26 senior football players at Eastwood High School were dropped from an elective class with a little more than a month left in the semester.

Eastwood's head football coach, Julio Lopez, asked the principal and vice principal to drop the players from eighth period football. He allegedly wrote an email that said "I would feel better if they were removed from the class, so that we are not just trying to babysit them."

Counselors emailed concerns about the consequences to GPAs, as well as concerns about NCAA rules and guidelines. The 26-students were dropped from the course, but parents told NewsChannel 9 that the weren't worried about the situation because the credits had been reinstated. But it was the process that was used to reinstate those credits that prompted the investigation. It appears that Eastwood didn't follow proper guidelines when they reinstated the credits.

As of now, YISD would not confirm any disciplinary action regarding the situation. They say they are working on an investigation into the matter and some people who are close to the situation have been put on paid administrative leave. Lopez says he is not one of those who has been put on leave.

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