KFOX 14 recently reported on some students who were turned away from the Ysleta High School homecoming dance because of dresses that didn't meet the district's dress code standards. The students were told they had too much skin showing and were turned away at the door. One of the girls showed her dress on a hanger in the story, and the other was depicted in a mirror selfie. The girls say they were distressed at being called 'provocative', and a parent in the story says, "I think the message that they're sending our young men is that if they see a young girl showing skin, then oh my gosh, that's scandalous!"

The dress that is shown on a hanger is a black dress that shows no cleavage, but the back is completely open with only a strap across the back that appears to be a couple of inches wide. The other dress in the mirror selfie is inches above where the student's hand is resting on her upper thigh.

Another student in the story says YISD officials harp on the dress code daily, so why these girls and their parents were shocked at getting turned away is a mystery. YISD is doing the right thing in standing by their dress code. If parents don't have a problem with the dress, that's one thing, but if students are told about what is and isn't considered acceptable at a school event, then they have no one to blame but themselves for getting turned away.

KFOX says parents want YISD to change their dress code for future school dances. I say, you go YISD! A backless dress and one that is inches above where a hand rests on a girl's leg are provocative and too grown up for a high school dance. There is time enough to dress like that, and high school isn't it.