An El Paso winter is not like the winter other parts of the U.S. experience. We don’t usually measure El Paso snow falls in feet. Typically, it’s more like “a blanketing,” or “a dusting”.

Around here snow is like the sexy time; you never know when you might get some or how long it will last.

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Consequently, those looking to partake in recreational snow activities have to hit the road to hit the slopes of New Mexico. But if skiing or snowboarding isn’t really your thing, you and the family can still have fun in the snow.

There’s a place in Ruidoso that offers a snow play escape of tubing and ziplining. It’s called Ruidoso Winter Park, and the wife and I used to take the boys there when they were kids. I can still picture the alarmed look on their faces on their first ride down ever. It still makes me LOL.


Ruidoso Winter Park
Ruidoso Winter Park

What I love about the tubing hill is that you don’t have to waste any of the three hour block you paid for walking uphill after sliding down. (No, I’m not lazy. I’m too lazy to be lazy. I’m efficiently unproductive.)

Just get on one of the lifts and save your energy for holding onto the tube. They also have a protected area just for kids who don’t meet the height requirement for the steeper runs.

Is Food Available, or Can I Bring My Own?

Yes, and yes. Per the FAQ section they sell pizza, BBQ, drinks, and snacks. Or "you are welcome to bring your own vittles and drinks."

Igloo Life

Ruidoso Winter Park
Ruidoso Winter Park

If you want to show your family what a real (snow) baller you are, you can rent an “igloo” for the day. It’s not really an igloo like the kind made out of ice that you see in movies and cartoons; more like a sloped, soft-sided tent.

According to the website description it comes with unlimited snow tubing, zip line tickets, a pizza, hot chocolates, and S’mores kits. It’s pricey but you’re ballin’, remember?

What Days Can I Go Play in the Snow?

Fridays through Mondays, and the entire week of spring break in March.

How to Get There

Ruidoso Winter Park is located in Alto, New Mexico on Lower Ski Run Road.

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