Willy Wonka is a classic, I remember watching as a kid and thinking, "why can't all this cool stuff and candy be real?" Some things, like the Everlasting Gobstopper made it to production but imagine if we could taste the treats from the movie as the kids in the movie did?

Willy Wonka had so many surprises in the candy world and some of the candies are still too advanced for us today. Imagine drinking from that flower teacup and taking a bite of it after? That would have been one of the things I would have loved to taste. Or the famous gum that has a gourmet meal inside? Feeling the creamy soup actually running down your throat.


And one of my personal favorites, the fizzy lifting drink! Drink some then float around the neighborhood. Or have yourself a scrumdiddlyumptious bar! Willy Wonka made all us kids want to taste the impossible and have our rooms decorated with lickable wallpaper.

I am super excited for this years A Chocolate Affair simply because it is Wonka themed and the treats are going to be sweeter than ever! Tickets are on sale and get them early before prices go up!

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