Whoopi Goldberg & a few of the original members of the cast of Sister Act recreated their performance of “I Will Follow Him” on The View to celebrate the movie's 25th anniversary! Watch below as the cast begins the performance sweet and innocently before breaking thangs down exactly like they do in the movie when Goldberg’s character “Deloris” decides to spice up the church choir’s repertoire.

In the movie, Whoopi Goldberg is on the run and hiding in a convent after witnessing a murder committed by her ex-boyfriend. The murderer then pursues Goldberg in an attempt to keep her silent...in other words, he wants to get rid of her completely. Goldberg makes friends with nuns and delivers comedy gold for one of the most memorable films of the 90’s.

I’m hoping this reunion will trigger ideas for a reunion with Lauryn Hill who starred in the sequel to Sister Act, Sister Act 2 - Back in the Habit which celebrates its 25 anniversary next year and....I think is better than the original!


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