El Paso has enjoyed famous outside visitors from teams to celebrities. A lot of us are stoked about some of the outside teams that have played at Sun Bowl. I and many others were excited to see USC, Norte Dame, UCLA, and more visit El Paso.

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Besides college teams, the college games have brought music celebrities to El Paso. For example, the 2016 Hyundai Sun Bowl game brought musicians Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. One of our radio members Brandon Cohn was able to meet them on the field then. You can see a video of his starstruck moment on the Sun Bowl field by clicking here.

A few years back Brody Jenner was scheduled to come party in El Paso but had been canceled. I was down to buy my ticket to meet Brody Jenner who is another celebrity crush I've had on for like ever. Well, it is still pending, and wondering if he ever will reschedule his EP visit in the future.

But there are other celebrities that have visited El Paso that plenty wanted to party with. In fact, I remember the times Kim Kardashian and Kendra Wilkinson came specifically to party in El Paso. El Paso Inc. What's Up shared about Kendra Wilkinson's visit years ago. I believe both of their club appearances sold out quickly. It was a packed house at both events for the days they partied in El Paso.

There wasn't any evidence from Kendra Wilkinson's El Paso visit but there was for Kim Kardashian. You can see the highlights of Kim's day in El Paso from start to finish thanks to Ben Bar's Youtube video above. But I want to know who's club party you enjoyed the most between the two beautiful ladies. If you attended or heard a story from a friend your two cents are needed. Place your vote on who you believe was the most beloved club host in El Paso below.

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