No, the Dallas Cowboys did not make it to the Super Bowl.

The Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers square off in Miami at Super Bowl LIV, to see who will take home the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Americans are fully invested in the big game experience, even if they do not like football. Everyone has an opinion on who will win.

You don't have to be a football expert to decide who you are rooting for in the Super Bowl. I chose to go for the San Francisco 49ers because I want to see more of San Francisco quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo's face.

Americans were polled by, which found the majority of those polled are rooting for Kansas City.

Now when you break it down by state, Texans are also hoping for a victory for Kansas City. According to their research, believes where a state is located plays a big role in how the residents voted. More western states are rooting for San Francisco, while east states are cheering on Kansas City.


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