‘Tis the season for tamales, biscochos, buñuelos and a hot cup of champurrado.

For those not familiar with the Mexican beverage, Champurrado is a chocolate-based hot corn, masa-based beverage.

The warm and thick beverage is made with masa de maíz, piloncillo, water, or milk, spices, along with a few other special ingredients. The process of making champurrado is a bit lengthy, but people swear by this drink that dates back to the Aztecs and Maya.

The customary concoction is usually consumed around the holidays beginning in the fall leading into Day of the Dead and during the Christmas season during Las Posadas, where it is served alongside tamales.

By the way, if you are wondering if champurrado pairs well with alcohol, the answer is yes; it goes well with a nip of rum, mezcal, or tequila.

If you love champurrado but don’t have the time to whip up a batch – then consider picking some up from these local vendors in El Paso.

Vista Markets

Vista Market FB
Vista Market FB

Load up on champurrado at any of the seven Vista Market locations across town, and while you’re their load up on some buñuelos too.

To find a Vista Market location near you Click HERE.

La Choza Menudazo y Tamalotes

La Choza Menudazo y Tamalotes in El Paso is serving up delicious eats and drinks such as champurrado daily.

La Choza Menudazo y Tamalotes has two locations available for pick up:

  • Stop by 1155 N Zaragoza Rd Ste. 105, El Paso 79907 or call 915-872-1486
  • Stop by 12311 Montana Ave. at the Gran Plaza Shops or call 915-759-4095

Snack Stop & Subs

Snack Stop FB
Snack Stop FB

Snack Stop & Subs near Fort Blvd. is serving up champurrado to go: 32 oz for $4.00 – pair that up with one of their churros filled with cajeta for $2 more and call it a day.

  • Stop by Snack Stop & Subs at 3321 Fort Blvd, El Paso, TX 79930 or call ahead at 915-626-5416.

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