El Paso County and the City of El Paso have banned the sale and use of all fireworks this Fourth of July.  Only professional shows will be allowed.  But there are places in the Borderland where you can legally buy and shoot off fireworks.


Where Can You Legally Buy And Shoot Off Fireworks In El Paso

In the east part of the El Paso area, you can legally buy and shoot off non-aerial fireworks.  Those fireworks can be bought at a fireworks stand near the Smoke Shop on Tigua and Socorro Road, and shot off near the Socorro Entertainment Center.  The Tiguas say they have fire trucks and quads with fire suppression systems.  The City of Socorro has ban on the sale and use of all fireworks, so make sure you stay on Tigua land.

In the west part of town, you can legally buy and shoot off non- aerial fireworks in Sunland Park, New Mexico.  Non-aerial fireworks are also allowed in Anthony, NM, and Las Cruces, NM.  Those include fountain cones, sparklers, or anything that stays below 3 feet.  Bottle rockets are not allowed.

You can also legally buy and shoot off fireworks in Otero County in New Mexico near The Edge Of Texas Restaurant.  They are allowing aerial fireworks to be sold and shot off.

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