I was telling some co-worker that I wanted to go to Neon Desert again this year. I went last year and had a great time. I enjoyed Third Eye Blind and At the Drive In. I also went to see Martin Garrix. Well, one of my co-workers expressed how "only people under 25 should go to Neon Desert. Huh? I disagree but it got me thinking. How old is too old to go to Neon Desert? Is their such a thing as "too old"? My thoughts are you are never too old to enjoy live music. Its important the you go for the right reasons, though. A older person trying party with the teens is a little creepy to me. No bueno. It's important that you go to actually hear the music, not try to pick up young girls or guys. Those are my thoughts but what do other people think? I decided to go to my fellow staff members and friends to ask them for their opinion. See the video and post YOUR opinion below!

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