I ask because Mike is going to be laid up for a bit, and he might need suggestions on how to pass the time!

Mike is going under the knife today to fix a busted knee, and back in the day when I stayed home sick from school, I used to OD on game shows!

Granted, there might not be many to watch today, but when I was a kid, it was the heyday, the golden era, if you will, of game shows in the 70's and 80's. 

My fave was 'Match Game'!  It was back when political correctness didn't exist, and daytime tv was meant for grown up ladies whose kids were off at school or playing outside in the summer.  My mom used to love daytime tv in the summer because she was a teacher during the school year.  She could catch up on all the wildly inappropriate innuendo on game shows like 'Match Game', and the steamy scenes on soap operas!

I don't know of any game shows on tv right now, if you do, let us know so Mike can while away the time as he recovers from surgery.  In the meantime, here is a highlarious, outrageous, and totally inappropriate clip from 'Match Game':

Amazing that they let that kind of stuff air, huh?!  Highlarious!

And here's a out-of-sync, but nonetheless, super steamy love scene from 'General Hospital' featuring their super couple of the 80's, Luke and Laura!

Yikes!  That's a PG-13 movie nowadays!

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