HIS VALENTINE'S DAY GIFT DECIPHERED: What does it mean that your man handed you a heart-shaped box of chocolates on the Holiest of all Romantic Days?  What about long-stemmed roses? The ladies at Glamour to the rescue!

Assortment of chocolate candies, white, dark, milk chocolate Sweets background

The Gift: Perfume
What it means: Perfum is intimate. It means I'm going to be smelling you for a while because I'd like you to be my girl.

The Gift: Lingerie
What it means: Let's spice things up.  You know how you buy really high-end, super-awesome chef's knives when you're feeling all chefy? He's buying you lingerie because he wants you to feel all sexy.

The Gift: Heart Shaped Box of Chocolates
What it means: Let's be friends. You can get a heart-shaped box of chocolates for your grandmother or your sixth-grade teacher, but if you get it for a woman, it usually means let’s be friends

The Gift: Dozen Long-Stemmed Red Roses
What it means: I'm trying to look good. Guys know that flowers on V-Day are all about the show off factor, and a dozen roses sent to your office is pretty showy. Give him credit for helping you make your co-workers jealous.

The Gift: Bath and Shower/Lotion Set
What it means: Gift buying intimidates me. It means he thinks girls are soft and pretty and smell good and need special potions to get that way. He’s revering your womanliness, so cut him some slack for his lack of creativity.

The Gift: A computer, or any other Electronic Gift
What it means: I'm a thoughtful guy. In a way it’s a romantic gift because he’s trying to tell you he’s thinking of your needs and considering the practicalities so you don’t have to. That and he's a little clueless when it comes to romance.

The Gift: A Massage
What it means: I feel you're a bit stressed out. He’s trying to tell you he wants you to slow down, stop worrying and take a minute for yourself. Sometimes a guy will give this gift if he feels kind of guilty for being the cause of all that stress.

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