9 times out of 10, you probably walk right past this sandbox at Maxey Park toward the regular play area with your kids. There are hardly ever any children enjoying it or digging around in there. Are sandboxes just a thing of the past? Or is it because this box is usually so full of mystery that parents don't really feel safe letting kids play in there?

When I snagged a photo of it, I noticed just how worn out it is. The outside has needed a fresh coat of paint for some time, It's even got a few sweet gang signs to make the kids feel extra welcome. On this visit, there was only a water bottle and a few signs of garbage, but what's actually UNDER the sand?

On one occasion, I saw a dirty diaper sticking out. Treasure!

Unfortunately, cat poo and garbage are probably the only treasures your toddler will come across while digging through it with their little plastic shovel and bucket. I wonder what the sandbox at Maxey was like in its hay day, whenever that was. It was probably a fun place to be in the 90s. Now? It's just a jumbo litter box.

Also, check out this sketchy slide...

I also noticed one of the slides was totally missing at the park and was blocked off with a piece of wood. Several other playground parts were broken and in need of repair. It was sort of sad to walk through there and think about how special it was when all those things were shiny and new. It looks like it needs a bit of an upgrade. The sandbox? Well...

That thing just needs to go...

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