So when we started playing the new Taylor Swift and Zayn song, 'I Don't Wanna Live Forever' it was a Saturday in early January and I thought, "…okay, it has potential of some VaVaVaVoooom (in eddie terms= some good cooking music).  I read Taylor Swift took part in writing this ballad and she really took it to a NEW HORIZON and having ZAYN on there, BAM!

Let's get back to the current story at hand.  The ladies from my other fragrance gig, were going CRAZY waiting for THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 10th to arrive.  They all bought their advanced tickets, waaaaaaay in ADVANCE.  So I WAS FORCED TO GO, if not they would spray some stinky stuff on me.

It took me back to 2010 when Sex in the City 2 came out.  I heard ladies passing by getting ready to do "GIRLS NIGHT OUT!"  Some were gonna do cocktails before or after, some were gonna do din din before or after, some were gonna dress up.  I saw it as a reason to get AWAY from all the problems of the world: men, women, work, kids, problems, and problems!  These folks just wanted to get together and BOND!  To gossip, talk about past boyfriends, former husbands, rag on their bosses, and just be carefree for at least a couple of hours.

So, what can I expect to SEE tonight:  LAUGHS, TEARS, GOSSIP, CONVERSATION ABOUT GUYS & GALS, LOVE, PAST LOVES, CHAKA-CHAKA (sex), and just plain ol' out seeing people come together for what they wish they could possibly do or be…nothing wrong with a little or a LOT of FANTASY! ;)


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