The bounciest time of your life is jus around the corner, this Saturday, March 25th at Ascarate Park!  There are still waves open at Insane Inflatable 5k to be a part in 1 Crazy Fun Day!  Oh, check out the videos on what to expect, but expect the unexpected!  Yes, we want you to dress in sporty attire, BUT don't forget to dress up in costumes, better yet pick a theme!  I say go 80's with the Facts of Life or 80's themed, all bets are ON!

We have a quick run down on Fashion NO-NO's for this weekend:

  • Baggy 100% cotton get weighed down in your perspiration, and once it gets wet from whatever, IT STAYS WET.  DO lighter clothing!  NO SEE THROUGH BLOUSES!
  • Leave jewelry, bracelets, and fancy necklaces at home.  Nothing worse than losing a precious piece of jewelry through the 5k.
  • Brand new footgear, leave them at home.  Wear old tennis shoes.
  • Say NO to make-up unless its waterproof (natural is beautiful)
  • Ditch the slides, flip flops, heels, and shoes with cleats.
  • Not too much cologne and perfume. (leave the Lacoste fragrance for after hours)
  • Sunglasses can fly off, so secure them with a clip-on band, use the cheap ones just in case.

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