You know we love us the ghosteses here at Mike and Tricia Mornings, and for the longest time we have been using the words "spirit" and "ghost" pretty interchangeably. This morning, however, we were wondering what the difference is between the two things. I thought the difference is that ghosts are people who died and spirits are entities that were never alive, kind of like angels. I figured that the reason you see ghosts is because they were once people and they still exist on this plane of consciousness. I thought that spirits, on the other hand, were things that didn't have a body at any time and that's why you only feel them but don't see them.

Turns out those theories are wrong. I did a little research and found out what the difference is:

1. Ghosts - Ghosts, according to a professor of Parapsychology, are "similar to psychotic people", and they are tied to the place where they died because they often die in a tragic or sudden way and they don't know they are dead. The reason they hang around and cause havoc like moving things around or scaring us is because if they died in a tragic way, they can take the form of dark energy. Eek, scary.

2. Spirits - The reason we most often "feel" something or "just know" there is something or someone around us is because spirits are what is left of us after we die a normal, not violent or sudden, death. I'm guess that's why we feel family and friends around us. They passed peacefully and they are hang around because they love us and we love them.

Ghosts or spirits - we don't care here at KISS FM. We love them all!

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