So it's 2017 and YAS!!!  I still have time to grow some ABS or at least fit into my 31 inch waist Hugo Jeans or fit into my bath robe…

ANYWHO, I stopped into my fav Juice Bar and ordered my juice of juice's which is Green Power.  I left my phone in the car and was looking at my Expert Juicer add Spinach, Cumber, Okra, Brussels Sprouts, Bean Sprouts, Celery and Parsley.  I thought to myself 'Parsley,'  wait, what does that Cilantro look-a-like really do?

I remember when mama Juanita would take me to eat in downtown El Paso at Walgreens when it was at the corner of Mesa at Texas.  They use to actually have a little diner in there.  So, I would order a hamburger or salisbury steak and they would always add a little garnish on the side which was PARSLEY.  Mom said, "Save it for the end and it will freshen your breath and settle your tummy."

So I went to that good ol' stand by WebMD, to see what this Green thing does.  According to WebMD it is an herb root, leaf, and seed is used for the making of meds.  Also, it helps with UTI's, prostate issues, and YES, a dragon breath beater!

Since I'm also a fragrance specialist, most scents have something called notes (those are the ingredients in a fragrance) and there has to be some Parsley in some perfumes/colognes.  I checked over with Coty Inc, the leader in fragrances and cosmetics   and sure enough the parsley seed oil is in some of those "smellies" your spray and color you put on your face!

Okay, okay so, it not only makes my din din look GEWD, it allows my breath to smell "PERTY," and has ALL these heath and beauty benefits.

Well Ms. Parsley aka perejil, aka persil aka that green thing I remember that was between me and my Salisbury steak; has some major PRO's...SO, YAS, add some more to my green juice!

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