It IS No Shave November, and now we can see what a guys usual facial hair really says about him!

In honor of the "holiday", No shave November, here's a rundown on what a man's facial hair says about him in general:

The Regular old Beard - A good ol' manly beard means he means business and is that very manly type of man.

Chad Cook (Facebook)

All Over the Face No Shame Beard - This could possibly mean he wants to start a new trend of he's just lazy.


The Old Man Goatee - He's a sophisticated man with some intellect...or just a creepy old man.

Jaime Alvaro (Facebook)


Mustache - If he is going for the Tom Selleck look he is a sexy feeling manly man that probably likes long walks on the beach.

Danny Bell (Facebook)


Scruffy McScrufferson - This just goes to show I'm in control of my manhood and don't mind the "just growing in" beard.

Caleb Blair (Facebook)


Clean - More than likely though, he probably just doesn't like the way facial hair feels on him or he has to keep it clean for work and would love to bust out his manliness facial wonders.

Coy Green (Facebook)

What's No Shave November about? Read more in the link!

Jake Maldonado (Facebook)