If we learned anything at the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, we learned how important certain jobs are to the El Paso community. As we and the rest of the world continue to adjust to the new normal, Western Technical College is looking to help those who are ready to become the future essential workers of El Paso.

For the last 50 years, Western Tech has produced essential workers, and some programs you be ready to start a career in an essential field in 13 and a half months. They are looking towards the future as they now offer an Aerospace and Defense Technology Program. Plus, for those who want to take the fast track program option, in just 13 1/2 months, they can earn their degree in HVAC, Automotive Technology, or Diesel Mechanics.

Now if these programs sound too good to believe, let Western Tech ensure you that graduates are industry certified in requirements many popular employers are looking for like programmatic accreditation, and direct factory training for companies like Volvo, Mack trucks, Mopar and Detroit Daimler.

You can start your journey to become an essential worker with a virtual tour of the campus. As Western Tech continues to follow all CDC guidelines and city regulations, you can schedule a tour on campus with officials, if you want to.

Once you commit to being a new member of the Western Tech family, you will work out a schedule that will include theory portion online and staggered schedules for the hands-on portion of your curriculum. This is a safe and great way to begin your education in the future of essential workers in the El Paso community.

If you are struggling financially, Western Tech does offer financial aid for those who qualify. For more information, visit westerntech.edu or call 915-532-3737.

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