Cincinnati street is expected to be closed for the next four months during the construction of the Kern Place Improvement Project.

If you are planning on heading out to grab a bite or hang out and grab a drink at the popular west El Paso entertainment district, you need to know that the street will be closed to all on-coming traffic, and you will not be able to park in front of the businesses on Cincinnati. Businesses in the area will remain open, but you will have to park elsewhere and walk to them.

You can at the park the Glory Road parking structure and get the first hour for free, which is great news. Every hour after that will cost you one dollar. Those prices will remain in effect except during special events. When events like UTEP football games are going on, that price will go up to the regular special event pricing that is always in place.

I really hope that the free first hour and then one dollar every hour afterward stays in place even after the construction is taken care of. It would be great to be able to have the parking structure available for a reasonable price when thinking about going to hang out at Cincinnati. One of the reasons why I tend not to go there to eat is because of all the jockeying for parking. If I could park across the street for a couple of bucks, I would be there more often.

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