I know right now everyone's mind is on the coronavirus pandemic and the "will we reopen for business or won't we" question that hangs over all of our heads, but we are actually halfway to Christmas so here are a few ways I'm going to be distracting myself this weekend. Maybe you can use them or come up with some of your own:

1. Set the mood - I'm keeping my air conditioning blasting in my house so I can bundle under a blanket. El Paso isn't known for it's wintery weather, but I can recreate the cold with my A/C.

2. Tamales are life - The traditional, all season long Christmas food is tamales. There is nothing like a plate of tamales, beans, and chili con queso to put you in that Christmas mood.

3. Christmas movies - You can stream your favorite Christmas blockbuster movie is like Elf or Frozen, and yes, I know it's not technically a Christmas movie but work with me here. You could settle in for a marathon of Lifetime Channel Christmas movies with a mug of hot chocolate and blow through an entire afternoon in blissfull Christmasness.

4. Light it up - You can either light a bunch of apple and cinnamon candles or string up some Christmas lights around the house to give you that twinkly Instagram look to your house. If you want to make it really pretty, stop in at a craft store and buy a bolt of tulle. Wrap the lights loosely in the tulle and you will instantly be transported to a winter wonderland.

5. Go shopping - Treat yourself. It doesn't have to be an expensive gift, but a mini-shopping spree at the dollar store and some festive wrapping will make everyone feel a little better and maybe get your mind off the face masks we have to wear if we step outside to do anything.

Merry Halfway To Christmas!

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