Holiday Dum-Dums

As Christmas begins to take over stores not only with blasting Christmas music over their speakers but shelves are already filled with holiday outfits, gifts and even holiday flavored everything. While attempting to get some shopping done, I managed to spot holiday flavored dum-dums and throw them in my cart before buyer's remorse set in. 'Tis the season for no regrets, as you spent tons of money on gifts and decorations.

These holiday dum-dums come in many flavors as you can see from the photo gallery. I didn't want diabeetus before the holidays so I only tasted the hot chocolate flavor and Santa's Mystery flavor. I feel like this weird flavor is what Dum Dums' has imaged the mysterious man taste like. After a few licks of the pop, Santa seems to taste like a lemon-lime flavor. As if you dumped Sprite over hard candy. There you have it, Santa taste like Sprite in lollipop form.

If you want to try it for your self, pick up a bag and then share what YOU think Santa taste like.

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