During the Holidays, El Paso always has this grateful vibe. Our sunsets are beautiful, are people are welcoming and we all stand together to keep a positive perception of our Bordertown as negativity from those not from here, attempt to break that.

Lance O'Brien, who only has a description of "making videos of cool places I visit" has just published a beautiful video highlighting the people and places of El Paso. I am in love with his video editing and music choices. You will want to share this with every El Pasoan you know and those who miss it.

Our town is a beautiful place with tons of things to do, despite what people say. We make this place what it is. You can complain about traffic, the events, even the people but if take a breathe and really take a moment, you will find beauty in the city of the 915. Take some time to appreciate it. Actually, take four minutes and forty-nine seconds as you watch this video.

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