As El Paso tries not to blow away, Ruidoso, New Mexico is getting a beautiful coat of snow.

Justin of Ruidoso, New Mexico's Facebook page took to Facebook Live to basically showoff the beautiful snow and convince you to leave your job and go on a ski trip. As tempted as I am, I can not afford to just run away and build a snowman. Even though I do like to believe I am Queen Else from Frozen.

What I can do is watch the Discover Ruidoso's Official Village of Ruidoso Tourism Webcam and pretend I am there with some hot cocoa.

This camera is a genius idea in my opinion, as the camera works as a way to reach an audience dreaming of a snow day. Most importantly, people could check on the weather with just a few clicks. I feel we need to rally together and get them one of those doorbell cameras so we can get some audio and have a conversation with those who are having fun in Ruidoso.

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