It seemed like a good plan at the time; disable the cameras then take mom’s new BMW to the girlfriend’s house.

But you know what they say about best-laid plans and all that.

El Paso mother and business owner Liza Martinez has become a viral sensation after her daughter Liza Campero posted video of the angry mom giving her teen son a whipping along a busy stretch of Saul Kleinfeld.

In a series of tweets and videos, Campero details the measures her 14-year-old brother Aaron took to sneak out with their mom’s car to see his girlfriend, including disconnecting the wi-fi and disabling Google Home and a couple of other features his mom uses to keep an eye on the home while she’s at work.

It was all fun and games until his friend’s little brothers snitched him out and the furious mother went looking for – and found – him.

“Pull over, NOOOWWW,” the raging mom screams after driving up next to Aaron and angrily honking the horn. “Gimme the belt,” she’s heard saying before walking over to the car her son had taken without permission, opening the door, and giving him a good old-fashioned whipping.

And if you’re wondering about Aaron’s fate, big sister Liza says “he’s grounded probably until 2019.”

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