WATCH BEYONCE SHADE KELLY ROWLAND: A throwback clip of an epic BEYONCE side-eye is making the rounds today. It’s of a hilarious moment during an interview with Destiny's Child back when they were new and still a four-piece group. In the above snippet, KELLY ROWLAND is heard describing herself as, quote, "the second lead vocalist of the group”. Bey’s classic "bitch, no" look is priceless!

RELATIONSHIP REPORT: SEAN PENN and CHARLIZE THERON spent the first few days of the New Year at Sean's beachfront home in Oahu, Hawaii -- which of course means they are so doing it. The two were spotted surfing and relaxing at the beach, with one witness telling Us Weekly they looked “very close and comfortable together.”For the record, they've been friends for years, and nobody saw them doing anything explicitly romantic during this trip.

Meanwhile ... 51-year-old DEMI MOORE appears to be dating a 27-year-old rocker. His name is Sean Friday, and he's a drummer in the band Dead Sara. Sean and Demi were photographed together on the beach in Tulum, Mexico over the weekend. A source tells People magazine "they've been hanging out together for months" and concluded that "it seems like they're dating." (PHOTO)

MADONNA BLASTED FOR PHOTO OF SON WITH BOOZE: MADONNA is getting a ton of crap for posting a picture of her 13-year-old son Rocco and his friends holding bottles of booze. “The party has just begun! Bring it! 2014,” Madge wrote Saturday night along with the photo.

But although some saw the post as Madonna promoting underage drinking, she doesn’t seem to care. “No one was drinking we were just having fun! Calm down and get a sense of humor!” she later wrote on Twitter. “Don’t start the year off with judgment!”

JESSICA SIMPSON SHOWS US HER TWEETS: JESSICA SIMPSON hit up Twitter over the weekend to share a new black-and-white photo of her 6-month-old "snuggle bug". I think you'll agree Ace is totes adorbs ...

CHARLIE SHEEN TAKES A SHOT AT ASHTON KUTCHER - CALLS HIM 'LAME': CHARLIE SHEEN once said he was okay with ASHTON KUTCHER replacing him on "Two and a Half Men", but apparently he’s had a change of heart. Yesterday, Sheen Tweeted a promo picture from the show, featuring Ashton and JON CRYER, along with the following caption: "Hey Jon!!! u r a GENIUS!!! I effin love and MISS YOU old pal! Q; who's your lame sidekick?"

MAZEL TOV!: The Hangover’s JUSTIN BARTHA married personal trainer Lia Smith Saturday in Hawaii. The ceremony, attended by no more than 20 people, took place by a lagoon at the Kualoa Ranch in Oahu. (PHOTO)

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Former Spy Kids star Alexa Vega married Big Time Rush singer Carlos Pena in Mexico Saturday. The couple announced their engagement in September. It is the first marriage for Pena, the second for Vega.

SNAPSHOT: Is TAYLOR SWIFT really this much taller than BRUNO MARS?

Rick Diamond/Getty Images

A lot of people who’ve commented on the pics, which were originally taken back in August at the MTV Video Music Awards but for some reason are making the rounds now, think it’s been Photoshopped. I don’t think so, though, because they're from Getty Images and they’re pretty legit. Bruno, by the way, is 5-foot-5. Taylor is 5-foot-9 and a half, and probably wearing heels.

WATCH RUSSELL BRAND OWN HECKLER: RUSSELL BRAND was doing a show the other night, when someone in the audience tried to heckle him. And whether you think he's funny or not, you have to admit he knows how to handle hecklers.

"What I've got here is a person who's under the mistaken belief that they're funny," he told the audience.Then he proceeded to put the person on blast for about two minutes, concluding with this:"From now on, if you're thinking 'I'm gonna shout something out,' what you should do is write it down on a little bit of paper, and then push that paper into your [A-hole]."