If you weren't able to go to the Khalid concert on Sunday night, you missed the introduction of Khalid by former El Paso Congressman Beto O'Rourke. There were a lot of people on social media who said they were angry because they felt like Beto had pushed his way into the event and was going to make it political, but the truth is Khalid made the decision to have Beto introduce him because he is a Beto supporter and he asked Beto to be there.

I agree that the evening should have been devoid of politics, and thankfully it was. I think that Beto did what he does best - he told the audience and the world that El Paso is a place of love and peace, not a place of terror and mass shootings. We are a family who comes together to help the families of the fallen and help those who were wounded heal.

No matter how you feel about Khalid or Beto, we are lucky that we have such amazing ambassadors for our city. They always shine a dazzling light on our city, and never so much so in this time of our darkest moments.

El Paso Strong!

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