Lovers of Alt and punk rock music rejoice.

The traveling summer rock festival known as The Van Warped Tour will return to Las Cruces Tuesday, August 1. And they're bring the metalcore this year.

The usually eclectic lineup is way more hardcore than usual this time around with the addition of GWAR.

Fellow heavy metal/hardcore punk bands The Acacia Strain and Hatebreed, and thrash band Municipal Waste are also set to make ears bleed.

Other notable acts Warped Tour enthusiasts seem particularly hyped about seeing include Bowling for Soup, The Ataris, Silverstein, and Anti-Flag.

Altogether more than 50 bands will be part of the all-day music fest. For the entire list of bands, and the stages they'll be performing on, hit up Vans Warped Tour website.

Tickets are on sale now at the usual Ticketmaster locations, and online HERE.

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