93.1 KISS-FM listeners nominated some of their favorite ice cream places in El Paso on our Facebook page. We like to listen to the people who interact on our Facebook when we throw out a question. For this tasty treat, we had plenty of listeners voice their opinion on some of the coolest ice cream places in El Paso.

I am a sucker for ice cream. I love to try new flavors all the time, with different toppings and at different locations. El Paso is home to local and national chains of ice cream shops, so it is so hard to choose where to crush my creamy craving.

After receiving some comments from our listeners, I compiled a poll filled with their answers. Those who missed the Facebook conversation, you can always send us comments or questions directly to us through the FREE 93.1 KISSFM App. Download it today and let us know what we should add to the poll. For this one though, it will only be what we have already received and are keeping the poll open until the end of the month. Place your vote today!

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