Being in the media isn't always fun. In fact, sometimes it can be downright ugly. People get used to having you in their homes or in their cars and feel like they can say anything about you, to you, or at you online behind the safety of a keyboard. Things that someone would probably never say to your face they feel perfectly ok typing and hitting send on your Facebook page.

That's what happened to beloved El Paso ABC-7 anchor, Estela Casas recently. She was doing her job and reporting on a story about President Trump and it apparently hit a nerve with female viewer. That woman went online to Estela's Facebook page and lashed out at her with some really vile language. She even said "Be careful u had cancer once it could come back. punishment for what your saying hateful news."


Seriously? You wish cancer on someone, lady? I understand that we don't all get along when it comes to politics, but Estela wasn't offering an opinion, she was reporting the news of the day. Even if she was offering an opinion, to say such shockingly foul things to another human being is really appalling. Estela has had two bouts of cancer - one in 2010 when she had thyroid cancer, and again seven years later when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has fought those fights both times under the glare of tv lights and given all of us such hope and strength by watching her take on this horrible disease with grace and determination. She is an amazing woman and has earned the love and respect of everyone in our city.

So how did Estela react to this hateful post? Not by throwing things. Not by biting back at the viewer. No. Estela said this.

"No words for the woman who sent this to me, but to all of you who have responded I thank you for your beautiful words of encouragement."

I'm proud to be a friend of Estela's. She taught me so much when I worked at ABC-7, and watching her go through cancer and come out the other side makes me so happy to see her healthy and back on track. We love you Estela! You're El Paso Strong!

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