El Paso High School was put on lockdown Thursday (1/30) after a possible active shooter or shooters was spotted outside school grounds.

EPPD said three men were detained shortly after and were found to be in possession of a BB gun. The school, however, remained on lockdown while police searched the entire building as a precaution.

It was a scary moment for all and video posted on the Instagram account FitFam El Paso shows just how tense things were as police went from classroom to classroom.

The footage below provides a glimpse from a student’s perspective into what it’s like being on lockdown waiting, as the caption states, “for law enforcement personnel to clear the campus.”

In the clip, police can be seen telling students to stay quiet and out of the hallway. One student turns to the camera and says, "That s**t's scary, bro," in reference to the sight of all the armed police entering his classroom.

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