Why did the monkey cross the road? To get to The Fountains at Farah, apparently.

Shoppers at the open-air mall in east El Paso were stunned and amused when they spotted a man walking a diaper-wearing monkey while doing some shopping. Stunned because it’s not every day one sees a monkey out in public, and amused because, well, it’s a monkey in diaper.

To be clear, I'm pretty sure it was the man doing the shopping. Unless the monkey lost its tail and was at The Fountains looking for a re-tail-er. Hi-Yo! Yes, I know; the joke was weak. Anyways...

We’ve seen a lot of things go down at the Fountains, but a monkey on a leash is ape-solutely bananas, so naturally, video of the funky monkey was shared by FitFam El Paso.

In the clip, the primate, which is on a leash that’s tied around its waist, is shown ambling on the walkway ahead of its owner, doing an adorable jump kind of thing, and throwing itself on the ground like some kind of Furious George as it waits to cross the street.

FitFam El Paso Instagram
FitFam El Paso Instagram

El Pasoans Monkey Around

El Pasoans who viewed the recording were quick to crack jokes. Most fell under three categories: "Friends," stimulus check money, and Lucy Rae the El Paso Zoo monkey enclosure trespasser.

"Stimulus checks in El Paso"
"This is why you can’t give people stimulus checks"

eazy_88 and castro.andreaa went the “Friends” route. “Is that Marcel?” eazy_ asks rhetorically. “Ross and Marcel in 2021 times,” commented castro.andreaa referring to the character from the hit TV show and the monkey he owned in earlier seasons. And then, of course, there were the El Paso Zoo trespasser references.

El Paso Police Department
El Paso Police Department

"Did he jump into the enclosure too and got himself a monkey"


"It ain’t easay being cheesay..."

"The tonta from the spider monkey exhibit must have escaped with one"

"Mark Davis walking Lucy Rae"

Oh, snap! That last one, tho.

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