The most love-filled day of the year is quickly approaching and flowers have long been established as the perfect way to show your partner and/or friends just how much you adore and appreciate them. Sure, flowers are great but how about really turning the party by gifting something a little more interesting?

Step said Edible Arrangements, guilty pleasure bouquets have finally arrived. Olive Garden is a well-liked place to celebrate Valentine's Day and this year the Italian Food restaurant is encouraging customers to gift bread sticks bouquets.

Simply buy the bread and wrapping paper of your choice and hand them over to your loved one for a different take on Valentine's Day romance. I scoured the internet for other ideas and it turns out that pickle bouquets are the newest 2019 bouquet craze but keep in mind fast food bouquets! That's a meal and a gift in one.

A few other pretty sweet ideas include donut, jerky and cotton candy bouquets! We know the way to someone heart is through their tummy so what better way to acknowledge your favorite person!?


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