A huge thanks to CBS4's Lou Romano for investigating the adorableness that is Rat Man Roo. During one of Lou's special reports, he discovered UTEP's new head football coach has a cat with a Twitter account. Sure, tons of cats have Twitter accounts but how many cats are owned by football coaches?

This year is going to a big one for UTEP Football due to all the drama that has been surrounding it from coaches leaving, to fans not showing up. Coach Dimel is going to have to be headstrong to deal with all the negativity that will surely come. We all won't have to worry about Coach Dimel finding a way to reduce anxiety, because cats are known to have magical healing powers.

Rat Man Roo seems to be the type of cat that will keep us up to date about all things Coach Dimel. From his adventures of roaming the outdoors, to being inside the house with dog sister Lola Mae, Roo will certainly have time to tend to his owners health needs.

Thanks to Lou, we actually found out Roo's Twitter account is actually controlled by Scotty OHara. Much respect to Scotty for giving this beyond cute cat such a funny personality. I need to meet this cat. I am the station cat lady and let's just say I am already in love with Roo. I say we make shirts, we make signs and we head to the football games to support UTEP and cats.

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