Don't think college football is a big deal with big money at stake?  Then you don't know about the one million dollars that was at stake today for UTEP!

Conference USA, UTEP's conference, could have gotten 17 million dollars today with a University of Houston win over Southern Miss in the C-USA conference championship game.  However, Uof H lost to Southern Miss 49 - 28, costing UTEP about a million dollars that they would have gotten because C-USA would have distributed the 17 million among the conference schools.  The 17 million dollars would have happened if U of H won because teams who go to BCS games get that much money for playing in the big time bowls.

I know Darren and other sports people think it's a drag that U of H didn't win, and UTEP wasn't so good this year, but dang, all I can think of is how many shoes I could buy with a million bucks!


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