Earlier this summer, two El Paso children were left in hot cars. The cases shocked the city, and got everyone talking. How could someone forget a child in a car? Should people be arrested and tried in court when something like that happens? In one of the cases, the answer is yes.

Daisy Mora Harper was arrested yesterday and charge with Injury to a Child (Omission), and Criminal Negligent Homicide. Her daughter, 2-year-old Hailey Harper, was found unresponsive inside a car in front of an east side home around 12:30 in the afternoon of July 6th.

There had been reports that Harper and Hailey's father had looking for her since 3 a.m. the previous morning, but it wasn't clear if police were called at that time that her parents noticed she was missing. Hailey was taken to Sierra Providence East, where she was pronounced dead.

An autopsy on Hailey showed she died of "environmental heat exposure", and an analysis of her eyes showed early stages of dehydration. Daisy Harper's bond was set at $400,000. There have been no other arrests made in this case.

This video shows what might happen if a child is left in a hot car. The child in the video was not injured during this filming. Everyone in the video is an actor.