Our country has been suffering a lot as it is with the pandemic crisis and now police brutality protests to add to the list. It breaks our hearts knowing there are people like Derek Chauvin working in the force. But one thing is for sure, there are also some damn good police officers out there too. I actually know of some that are being affected by the latest protests. Recently a couple of our local El Paso police officers have been going viral. I am happy to say that one of those officers used to work here at KLAQ with me. Officer Medina (so not used to calling him that) was caught with another officer shooting some hoops with some kids. The two local officers used their mini-break to take off the masks and play some ball with neighborhood kids. Also, please spare your judgment if you're going to insult this act of kindness.

These goofballs may have been playing ball on the clock BUT there were NO calls pending. I can already tell there is going to be some haters finding something wrong with this. Yes, there are dirty cops all over the United States, but don't forget that there are superb ones too. Terry Minjares is also a friend of Officer Medina and had shared the photos (below) that someone else took.

Just a few photos to make you smile! 🙃 TGIF! This is my friend, and EPPD Officer Samuel Medina! He took a...

Posted by Terry Mijares on Friday, June 12, 2020

Terry searched far and wide for the rightful owner of the pleasant pictures above. Carol Saenz is also a strong believer in there being good cops out there. Hell, she even got physical evidence to prove it to you on her Facebook. Carol captured a heartwarming moment when her kids were playing hoops with the officers. It is so sad now that the reputation of dirty cops has ruined if for the good ones out there. I stand with the EPPD and pray that we won't ever face another situation like George Floyd's again. Oh, and in case you're wondering the two police officers playing a quick game of hoops lost 5-0.

Evidence Good Cops Exist

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