The haunted car wash is coming back.

Two El Paso Tommy's Express Car Wash locations will be making you "scream for the clean" this month.

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Terror-filled Car Wash

Tommy's Express
Tommy's Express

For the uninitiated, the Tunnel of Terror is a lot of strobe lights and red lights, spooky music, Halloween-themed decorations, and employees dressed in scary costumes messing with patrons as they go through the line, car wash, and vacuum bays.

As a haunted house scaredy-cat, I love the drive-thru aspect.

Not only do you end up with a clean vehicle, but staying in your car will keep you relatively safe from killer clowns, and a sopping wet Michael Myers.

They can come up to the passenger side window and stare menacingly all they want, but the car doors will remain locked and soon the car wash conveyor belt will pull you away to safety.

You can always come back during the day and get your seats cleaned, if you know what I mean and I think you do. All in all, the novelty car wash experience sounds like spooky, shiny, clean fun for all.

El Paso Tunnel of Terror Dates, Times, Locations

• Tommy's Express Car Wash, 9990 Kenworthy St: Oct 20 & 21 7 – 10 p.m.
• Tommy's Express Car Wash, 11330 Montwood Dr: Oct 27 & 28 7 – 11 p.m.

$20 per vehicle for non-TommyClub members. TommyClub members can drive through for free. Includes "The Works" car wash.

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