The Donald is at it again and this time it's about The Land of Enchantment. Apparently he likes to call women demeaning names and wants to tell New Mexico Governor he would build a fence around New Mexico. He was quoted in saying,

New Mexico. Mexico. It’s all the same. The word Mexico is in the name of both places, isn’t it?,”He continued with, “Build a fence around New Mexico and make them pay for it” if he becomes president.“First thing I’d do – and mark my words on this one – I’d call Susana Martinez and say to her, ‘Listen, sweetie, cut the crap and quit sending the worst of your worst to all the other states, the rapists and murderers and drug dealers and all the other low-lifes you have there in Santa Fe.’ I mean, come on, the meth problem is so bad there they made a documentary about that Walter White character, cooking up drugs in an RV out in the desert,” he continued, “And now there’s a new show out there glorifying his scumbag attorney. Well, the buck stops with me. Look it up. I’m very rich and I’m also a nice guy.”

I think the Donald is even more full of it, if that is even possible. No comment from Gov. Martinez yet. All this is in accordance to the Santa Fe New Mexican and it is indeed a stretch of the truth. But with all the stuff Trump has said I wouldn't put it past him!