Remember these cuties?  Growing up, they were my sister's favorite doll, like, EVER!  Well, I think her collection of trolls dolls are going to have a heart attack when they see what their new siblings look like.  That's right.  Nobody can leave well enough alone and Trolls dolls have gotten a makeover.

Say hello to the Trollz dolls.  Yup, Trollz with a 'z'.  They've gotten a sexy makeover, just like Dora the Explorer did a couple of years ago - remember that?

What is it about a kid's toy that adults don't understand?  We didn't have midriff baring Trolls dolls when we were growing up.  Oscar the Grouch didn't do the fist pump and abuse hair gel.  For heaven's sake, what's next?  Kermit the Dawg? 

I hope no one buys  the new Trollz dolls.  I hope they need to be ground into recycled bits of plastic that can be used to make the ORIGINAL Trolls dolls.  Tsk tsk, Trollz dollmaker.  You're sexualizing something that was innocent, albeit nekkid, that brought smiles to kids AND their parents.  Thanks alot.