You know you've been working with someone a long time when they think they can ask you for a body part. Mike and I have been working together for over ten years, and this week, he decided that he might need a kidney because of some weird pains he's been having in his back.

I don't think he's going to need a kidney, but he is a bit of a crybaby, so when he asked, I didn't want to string him along and make him think he had any chance of me letting myself get cut in half to have a kidney. He asked, I answered. And the answer was no. But I did have a viable option, I thought. When he said he was worried about going bankrupt or homeless, I said he could live in my walk-in closet. There are shelves and electricity. We could even plug in a microwave. A small one, but a microwave, nonetheless. He could warm up a tv dinner, or something.

I think I'm being very generous. A place to live, a microwave to warm up dinner, heck, I'll even drive him to work. Dang that Mike sure is ungrateful! Just listen to what he told me when I offered the closet!

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