Trains traveling parallel to Wellborn Road in Bryan, Texas is nothing new. But, when one of the engines bursts into flames as it heads down the tracks, that's something you don't expect to see.

Take a look at this video which was filmed Thursday evening, March 22.

It looks like the person that was filming this caught the moment (in the distance) when something in the second engine of this Union Pacific train burst into flames.

I don't know if the conductor in the first engine was immediately aware of the fire that was going on behind him. It looks like the train continues to travel at the same speed with no attempt to brake. The engineer even continues to sound the train horn as it approaches another intersection.

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Numerous vehicles on Wellborn either slow down or stop to gaze at the sight. You'll notice that someone riding shotgun in a white van is attempting to wave at the conductor in order to direct his attention to the blaze behind him. I don't think I have ever noticed rear-view mirrors on trains, and I'm not sure how a conductor would be able to see what's going on behind him unless he takes a look out the window

A little later in the video, firefighters with the Bryan Fire Department are dousing the engine fire with foam to extinguish it. According to a report from KBTX-TV, firemen were able to quickly put out the fire. No injuries were reported and no hazardous materials were released during the blaze.

There were no details released concerning the origin of the fire.

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