iFly, the new indoor skydiving center, just opened in West El Paso. The very first iFly was opened in Orlando back in 1988. Since then, iFly has opened over 30 additional locations through out the world. Servicing over ten million people. I saw my first iFly at Universal Studios Hollywood. I had the impression that iFly was mostly for young people but I was wrong. Many avid skydivers "practice" at iFly every day. They also have team building meeting for companies. Imaging flying with your co-workers. That would be interesting (to say the least). So here is how it works!

New flyers must take a 15 to 20 minutes course. Because you are in a wind tunnel, speaking can be difficult to hear. The instructors at iFly will teach you hand gestures that will help you communicate with the staff while in flight. Arm and leg placement will allow you to achieve different flight maneuvers. Learning how to gesture is critical to a successful flight. Once you've completed the training, you are ready to fly!

Cost: It can be a little expensive but the thrill of flight is worth it for many people. Each fight is for one minute. You can purchase long flights once you get proficient in skydiving. The flight packages vary as follows:

2 Flights $59.95
3 Flights $76.95
4 Flights $95.95
5 Flights $112.95

Packages include all flight gear, hands-on instruction with a certified instructor and a personalized flight certificate.

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