TOPLESS PAM ANDERSON - STILL HOT OR NOT?: PAM ANDERSON was splashing around topless off the coast of France the other day, and of course the paparazzi was there to capture it for posterity. She's 46 now; does she still have the goods or is her status as a sex symbol a bit past its sell-by date? We Report, You Decide! (PHOTO) (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

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AEG NOT LIABLE IN MICHAEL JACKSON'S DEATH: After a five-month trial, the MICHAEL JACKSON wrongful death case has come to a close. Yesterday, the jury ruled that AEG Live was not liable for Michael's death, and therefore didn't owe the Jackson family any compensation.

The jury found that even though AEG hired Dr. Conrad Murray, they felt Murray was "competent." The Jackson family had argued that AEG was "pressing" Michael into doing the "This Is It" tour, and had hired Murray to get him through it, even though he was unfit to treat Michael. AEG's legal team insisted Michael was a closet drug addict and that he had chosen Murray not AEG. They also claimed they had no way of knowing Murray would be a risk to Michael since Murray was licensed in four states, and had never been sued for malpractice.

Michael's mother KATHERINE JACKSON claimed at least a partial victory. She said, quote, "AEG hired Dr. Conrad Murray, the man who is in jail for killing Michael Jackson. AEG has denied for years, and continues to deny, that they hired Dr. Conrad Murray. The jury found unanimously that AEG hired Dr. Murray." Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter for causing Michael's death in 2011 and was sentenced to four years in prison -- he's expected be released sometime this month, two years early.

KIM KARDASHIAN WANTS SISTER KHLOE TO DUMP LAMAR - THINKS HE'S BAD FOR BUSINESS: KHLOE KARDASHIAN was supposedly reduced to tears after big sis KIM lectured her on her deteriorating marriage and pressured Khloe to dump LAMAR ODOM because he's -- wait for it -- sullying the family name!

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The not-always-reliable gossip site Radar Online says Kim told Khloe Odom is bad for business, and, quote, "hurting their bottom line [by] creating so much negative publicity." Said their source, "Kim can't understand why Khloe hasn't dumped Lamar because he is showing absolutely no desire to go to rehab. The headlines surrounding Lamar's womanizing and drug addiction are tacky according to Kim, and she doesn't want to be associated with it."

Yes, the hypocrisy is staggering. The Kardashian empire was built on a foundation of pornography, so can a little crack smoking and steppin'out really tarnish that brand?


JUSTIN BIEBER IN THE CLEAR OVER SPITTING INCIDENT - STILL A DOUCHBAG: JUSTIN BIEBER dodged a couple of legal bullets Wednesday. The L.A. County District Attorney rejected two cases against the singer -- the one in which he allegedly spit on his neighbor, and another in which he was allegedly speeding through his Calabasas neighborhood.

As for the spitting incident, D.A. investigators decided the Bieb's actions were "disproportionate and immature, but since the neighbor had entered the property without invitation Bieber's actions did not rise to the level of a criminal threat." In the speeding case, a video showed that Justin wasn't even in the Ferrari at the time of the incident. He was riding behind the car on a motorcycle.

RELATIONSHIP REPORT - IS GEORGE CLOONEY BACK WITH CROATIAN MODEL?!: GEORGE CLOONEY may have a new woman in his life. Us Weekly reports Clooney had an overnight guest on September 25th – Croatian model Monika Jakisic. Sources say the pair has had an on-again/off-again fling since 2004. Most recently, Clooney and Jakisic, 33, were seen flirting with each other at a London nightclub back in May, despite him still dating STACY KEIBLER at the time.


Keibler has also moved on. Earlier this week we shared a picture she posted on Instagram of herself with new boyfriend Jared Pobre.

GUESS WHO: You'll never believe who this is ..

Believe it or not, it's KATE GOSSELIN. Remember her? Gosselin showed up on the new BETHENNY FRANKEL talk show, and although she copped to having plastic surgery, Kate claims all she's had done is a tummy tuck. In the video clip below, Kate also discusses where all the money went and her ex, Jon.