Halloween is finally here, which means everyone is on edge for something scary to happen. Those to afraid to wander the streets for a fright, you can always find one in a movie. These classic horror movies will give you definite Halloween thrills, but who owns the title of scariest horror movie character?

Thanks to Ranker.com, the horror movie fans have spoke and crowned a champion. Instead of Gatorade, a bucket of blood should be thrown on this top five killing team.

5 - Pennywise the Dancing Clown

Not only is Pennywise the hottest costume this year, he has gone through a horror revolution. Originally scaring the world in 1990 as the dancing clown, Tim Curry channel a psychotic yet funny clown who just wanted to eat children. Now in 2017, the newest version of Pennywise is just as terrifying, if not more hideous than before. Either way we can thank Stephen King to helping grow the hate towards the Clown community.

4- Chucky 

One of my favorites personality wise, but not scary wise is Chucky the Good Guy Doll. Child's Play movies are great ones that I think everyone should watch, just for the dark humor. Chucky could do stand-up if he ever wanted to give up the killing thing. He may not have the largest franchise, but Chucky keeps on returning from the dead to keep creating movies, which you can binge watch tonight on Netflix.

3- Freddy Kruger

I would crown Freddy Kruger the King of Horror, due to the amount of fear he creates in me and tons of other people. Unfortunately, Ranker only has him in third. A scary man with a knife glove, who likes to chase you in your dreams, is exactly what nightmares are made of.

2 - Jason Voorhees

The Friday the 13th franchise is a crazy phenomenon. What started as a movie of a crazy lady killing on behalf of her dead son, then her son taking revenge on the death of her mother is now a world-wide franchise. Jason's iconic hockey mask is a Halloween costume favorite and also easy to pull off. This slasher icon has currently been taking over the video game world with his own game and collaborations in other horror games.

1 - Michael Myers

From the horror movie franchise, Halloween, Michael Myers is the psychotic killer that murder his sister and is still fueled to murder his whole family. He is just pure evil, doesn't speak, doesn't show emotion, so that is completely scary. He has been crowned as the scariest horror character but everyone can argue till next Halloween, who else deserved the crown.

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