As holiday deals begin to catch your attention, make sure you have a package delivery plan. There are horrible people in this world who want to steal packages instead of actually working for gifts. Unfortunately, there are people like this already crawling around El Paso.

According to Felicia Sandoval, she has already had a run in with a "Porch Pirate." The nickname "porch pirates" has been given to those people who enjoy stealing delievered packages from front porches. Luckily, Felicia was able to catch the porch pirate on camera and is taking to social media for any information to help her get her package back.

Remember this holiday season and really anytime you order a online package, make sure you have a package delivery plan. If you can't be home for the delievery, have someone watch that door like a hawk. I usuallly just stare at the door until they show up.

In all seriousness, if you do witness anyone stealing packages, do the right thing and call the authories.

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