Now that the holidays are over, EVERYONE is on a diet kick, trend, rigemen...But do these simple three things to help you drop those pounds!

1.) Keep Your Hands Cold While You're Exercising. According to one study, it helps with endurance and makes you more comfortable while you're working out. You don't have to duct tape cold packs to your palms or anything.  Just picking up a bottle of cold water every few minutes can help.

2.)  Work Out with Someone Who's in Better Shape Than You Are.  In a study from last year, researchers had people ride stationary bikes for as long as they could stand it.Then they had them do it again later on.  But while they were doing it the second time, they could see video of someone who was in better shape also riding a bike.

3.)  Bring Your Dog to Work with You.  Obviously most people aren't allowed to.  But a recent study found that people who do it tend to get more exercise, because they always go on walks during their lunch breaks.

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