In El Paso, you don't ever really see a ton of people paddle boarding around Ascarate Lake. If you occasionally visit Ascarate Lake then you will notice not a lot of people cruise the lake.

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But in Austin, Texas that is a completely different story since Austin people love the water, and it shows. It is no wonder a city like Austin has wide open water for locals to float and paddle around Lady Bird Lake.

So if you have wanted to be a part of something you love, such as paddle boarding, then a road trip to Austin sounds perfect. Lady Bird Lake in Austin is where paddleboard fans enjoy gathering with other riders for a fun time around nature.

There is a lot of hype though and you can see it by how full Lady Bird Lake can get. Just refer to Austonia's YouTube video below which shows quite a gathering from 2021 at Lady Bird Lake.

Last year we all remember how restricted certain activities were due to the pandemic except for paddle boarding at Lady Bird Lake. UCS Panorama's YouTube video also shows a busy lake full of Texans enjoying the weather and water.

But everyone should at least try to hit up one of the floating parties in Austin before you're partied out. The photos taken by Jeff Wilson are proof enough for you to check it out if you have never attended a paddle board party on the water before.

So if you still have some party left in you, then make sure to add this spot to your bucket list of places to visit and things to do.

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