Get ready for a Tamale / Chico’s Tacos Throw Down drive-thru party because you’ll need help chowing down the insane number of orders you’ll get for $10K.

  • If you spent $10K on Chico’s Tacos alone – (averaging single orders) you would get about 2,000 orders.
  • If you spent $10k on a dozen tamales – you would end up with about 660 orders equalling out to about 8,000 single tamales.

That’s a lot of tamales.

Of course, I wouldn’t expect anyone to seriously drop $10K on tamales or Chico’s Taco’s, but if anyone does so, please don’t hesitate to send me an invite to that drive-thru pachanga.

Speaking of parties, with the holidays coming up, $10,000 can certainly buy a ton of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas décor for the interior and exterior of your home.

But honestly, if you came across $10K, it would probably be used to pay off bills like rent, groceries, utilities, student loans, and such.

If $10,000 sounds appealing then don’t miss out on the Great Pumpkin Payout – Playing along is super easy:

  • Download the 93.1 mobile App to play and be listening at approximately the top of each hour every Monday through Friday 8 a.m. through 5 p.m.
  • We are giving you 10 opportunities each day to win cash throughout your workweek.
  • Listen to the code words given out and enter them through the 93.1 KISS-FM Mobil App.
  • Plus, each day 2 people will be drawn at random to win $1,000.

Think of everything $10,000 could buy, pay off or use to start rebuilding your savings once again with The Great Pumpkin Payout - Good Luck!

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