The saying "everything is bigger in Texas" isn't necessarily, always, true.

Texas is the second biggest state in the Union and things, as the saying goes, often are bigger here. Not always though. Sometimes it's really the exact opposite as we have plenty of things that are on the small side.

From taxes to monuments to structures and weather stats, here are a few smallish things from all over the lone star state.

Paris, Texas has it's very own Eiffel Tower. We could have totally upsized it but, not wanting to upset peeps in Paris, France, we reined ours in at 65 feet in height.

Marfa, Texas has a Prada store ... kinda.  It's actually a scale model of one that measures 15′ 1″ x 24′ 11″.

Wichita Falls, Texas has an itty bitty skyscraper. A real skyscraper that stands only 40 feet tall, with 118 square feet per floor.

Despite typically paying more than the rest of the state in El Paso, gas prices overall in Texas are lower than the rest of the country.

Same for Texas taxes. There's no state income tax here and Texans generally pay one of the lowest tax bills nationwide.

Waves. Texas beaches can be surfed but due to the length of the continental shelf, you won't see monster waves here like you do elsewhere.

Texas is also home to some really small towns. Guerra, Texas, according to the 2010 census, has a population of 6.

So, there you go. Not "everything" in Texas is bigger, we have plenty of small things here too.

Now, back to the big things ...

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